Random Drunk Thoughts

Just me randomly spewing all over the internets. Pretty much NSFW liberal, angry, bitter, sarcastic man. I don't really take most things seriously but then i take some more seriously.

Also naked guys.

Sorry sensitive readers but i like naked guys and funny stuff. I also like to offend. Let me know if i do.

Yes there are naked guys.
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Must resist the mints


Find your happy place and live there.

I want to go there.

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Besides the Toadies, old 97’s, and Polyphonic Spree dallas/Fort Worth/dento has a healthy music scene. Here are 4 to check out #SarahJaffe #SmileSmile #SomebodysDarling #DeadFlowers


Just me and the world

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1954 Dodge FireArrow III Concept Car ghia

I just came..



Call from illuminated haze.

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is that his dick or his arm

Makes heroin easier


is that his dick or his arm

Makes heroin easier

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What? What was the problem? Ugh. Maybe time to delete my tumblrs


Is anybody out there?


This is a emoticon lamp. / Este é um abajur emoticon. (at Distillery District)

Homemade bruschetta, butter and Parmesan noodles, and chicken. Salad not pictured. I can cook. #happy