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Just me randomly spewing all over the internets. Pretty much NSFW liberal, angry, bitter, sarcastic man. I don't really take most things seriously but then i take some more seriously.

Also naked guys.

Sorry sensitive readers but i like naked guys and funny stuff. I also like to offend. Let me know if i do.

Yes there are naked guys.
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Tiny island cabin in Northern Minnesota

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I want to move here and never leave.



My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.

…they are no longer friends.


This is great.

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So long Good Eats. I’ll miss your good food. #dallas #oaklawn #goodeats


The world needs more English Bulldog cuteness.

This is everything

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u came to the wrong house motherfucker

The thunderstorm from my balcony #nofilter

Coworker thought I needed a star #babyimastar #starman #starlord #astarisborn #starfish

What exactly do you want me to be?


hipster hotel: museumotel, Raon-l’Etape, France/pascal hausermann

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Fucking HELL, he is too gorgeous!

dicen que cuando uno ve a un ángel se le queman los ojos.. uhhh no puedo vehgehfsrhvvghfiktrdejndseutgvv gtrfjsb gyjifrths ttshiogheukkppged tsfhuuj


Abandoned water park that is now used as an airsoft arena. -Joplin, Missouri [OC] [1024x768] (xpost from r/abandoned) http://imgur.com/r/AbandonedPorn/dQ1gFER

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