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Just me randomly spewing all over the internets. Pretty much NSFW liberal, angry, bitter, sarcastic man. I don't really take most things seriously but then i take some more seriously.

Also naked guys.

Sorry sensitive readers but i like naked guys and funny stuff. I also like to offend. Let me know if i do.

Yes there are naked guys.
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That’s how it starts…


Monochrome Monday

This guy.

Check out this great country/rock singer. She is pretty cool. I am loving this album.

Clearly one of my favorite albums of the year so far. It is amazingly weird and melodic.

This album is so good. It is worth checking out.

Crazy busy @ the truck yard

La Bomb #deepellum #picsbybears #sticker

Owl #deepellum #picsbybears

The Edgar: Nutella and marshmallow pizza


Helsinki by Nina Lindfors

Helsinki is a beautiful place. I would love to go back someday.

I miss this place b

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Parenting 101

How I parent


Parenting 101

How I parent

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While the number of exoplanets discovered by scientists via the Kepler telescope numbers in the thousands, most of the planets found have been gas giants, because gas giants are much easier to spot. But if you’re looking for an Earth 2, the closest thing so far is Kepler 186f, a small rocky…

Double checking finishes and listening to cloud nothings. Thank you @morrisce for the recommendation

Work me almost home