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Just me randomly spewing all over the internets. Pretty much NSFW liberal, angry, bitter, sarcastic man. I don't really take most things seriously but then i take some more seriously.

Also naked guys.

Sorry sensitive readers but i like naked guys and funny stuff. I also like to offend. Let me know if i do.

Yes there are naked guys.
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Airport bar time #vodkatonic (at Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport Little Rock)

Business mode activated #worktrip on my way to #lit (at Dallas Love Field (DAL))

I hope no one judges me for this. Thom?



My first sabbath. #requiredlistening

Watching the walking dead. I couldn’t find my cross stitch bag tonight. Crafting another night then I guess

Hockey #softpants are a thing now

The trees rain light #sparkly

Moon rise over State Fair of Texas

Dart #latergram


at Doughn-T-Hut

Put a ring on it


Forgot my #tbt because work. Here’s me #beardless and imitating an Abercrombie model #loser

Morning music #thebobbleheads @ashfield

i got rid of the all porn tumblr. i was tiring of it and it was too much work. today I am purging out some or many of the nudes here from the past. I will also be cutting back on the nude/gay/bear/chub/sex tumblrs i follow. I just need to change things up and i am actually tired of the same cock pictures popping up all the time.

I need to be more of my asshole self. get in touch with the supreme assholery and share it with the world.

so there…